Gentle Monkey

A Poem for Bloggers Unite for the Gulf & Save Our Planet

O  gentle monkey,
what kindnesses you fragile beast?
What cradle of earthly benefaction
affords you such advantage?

This world is not a rental –
some alluvial apartment.
Some contemporaneous assemblage
of disposable apish whims

O simple monkey,
of isolated intellect, such thinking.
Of such serendipitous pedigree.
What is your riposte?

Your cave is no commodity,
but the nursery of your nakedness.
A reliquary for your heart
and its sleeping keep-sakes.

O fragile monkey,
how you sanitise – intellectualise!
How your defenceless hands
press over your downy ears

Your adored spirit not owed
to some esoteric construct, not
to some contrived, affected enterprise,
but to this special fragment –

this sheltering, terrestrial sphere.


4 Responses to “Gentle Monkey”

  1. Wow!……..commendable ….love the way you have so creatively thrown a light on man-the monkey and his actions!
    Thanks for sharing a beautiful poem
    Barkha Dhar

  2. Thank you most kindly Barkha!

  3. Hi guys 🙂

    I am loving this new blog. Love it love it!

    Thank you for adding me to your blog list. I have also added you to mine 🙂 Now I can keep a track easily.

    Much Love

    Jules xxx

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