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Posted in Poems by the Sister on October 23, 2010 by familialdiscontent

This ante meridiem
is cloudless, clement.
Smells of eucalypt
and ocean. Broken only
by a flight to Brisbane;
the DJ909 contrail



Posted in Poems by the Sister, Sonnets on October 2, 2010 by familialdiscontent

Oh blessed pilgrimage thy bitter-sweet
Obliged am I to tread thy cobble stones
Thy brittle promenade of flesh and bones
How swift thy flow beneath my ripening feet

In full bloom my radiance abounds
As though descendent of our summer star
But night is close and winter ne’er far
When petals tumble mutely to thy ground

And though refrain is met with much malign
Reluctant acquiescence is my tithe
Relentlessly the day and night entwine
Well practised is thy course that thee divine
So I watch the younger peacocks frolic blithe
And hope their turn is full of dance as mine

Sawasdee Ka

Posted in Poems by the Sister on September 3, 2010 by familialdiscontent

I’m on holiday goddamnit
where is my radiant sunshine?
Slathering of aloe on grilled skin?
Instead wind blusters humid clouds
wet spray hissing at my side
My sizeable thighs rubbed raw
With whipping sand and sea salt
Not from fun but from a gale
This interspersed with quiet hours
Shivering under the cold mildew veil
of my hotel room while a monsoon banshee
Screams at my window
Scattering coconuts like grenades

Crepes Suzette

Posted in Poems by the Sister on August 14, 2010 by familialdiscontent

It has an orange flavour.
Colour of autumn.
Not just dessert for some people.
For some it’s a namesake.
And a mother’s old-fashioned favourite.
She wipes a hand on her crepe dress.
Suzette was her mother’s name.
She died recently.
Aneurysm at a dinner party.
She looked young in her favourite dress.
Crepe dress her husband bought her.
“Eating crepes in crepe” was a stupid joke she told.
Same dress her daughter now wipes her hand on.
Hands red from wiping tears.
And from making crepes suzette.

Writers Block

Posted in Poems by the Sister, Sonnets on August 7, 2010 by familialdiscontent

Lead not into imaginary worlds
Instead onto a dusty wordless cay
No furtive brush of bracken fronds unfurled
Just shadows shifting dark below the way
This boat has sailed a thousand empty seas
A bag that travels empty on my back
My mouth an empty aquaduct of pleas
Inspiring as a worn out hessian sack
Above the yellow tumerous miniscus
A vast and pregnant zeppelin is tethered
But ’til I shed this unproductive focus
My flying toy and I remain unfeathered
And when this inarticulation ends
I’ll wish for sleep-filled quiet times again

Jack Frost

Posted in Poems by the Sister on July 24, 2010 by familialdiscontent

You bite at my nostrils
Fierce and frigid
Pulling at my collar
I sneeze in your force
A great big white
Tow headed sky
Choking in heatless sun
Silencing my throat
Evidencing my breath
And seasonal platitudes

The Bowler

Posted in Poems by the Sister, Terza Rima on July 17, 2010 by familialdiscontent

Old trusty friend, I need you now
Hollow headed, hard of hearing
Snugly fitted to my brow
Rainy day no sign of clearing
Wear my share of cloudy tears
Studs you wear like diamond earrings
Faithful friend of many years
Solemn fellow, plain as night
Cradling my adult fears
Your midnight felt and satin might
Belie a certain icy trait
Shutting out the cold lamplight
You ride atop my prostrate gait
Sign of social piety
Enveloping my hackneyed pate
Removed for sipping cups of tea
But back amongst the old platoon
You camouflage my frailty